(R. Bigoni - 2015)


air aria



To start a new game, write your name and click game.

To interrupt a game, click break.

continue can work only when the player goes out from the labyrinth; in this case, the player can enter a new labyrinth in order to increase its own score.


The aim of the game is to to run through a labyrinth and to reach the exit without die killed by the minotaur or from asphyxia by lack of air.

The player dies killed by minotaur when he runs into the monster without having any bombs.

At the beginning of every labyrinth the player can see the map of the labyrinth, in which along the path there are the locations of the tools that he can use to obtain his goal.

The player walks through the labyrinth clicking the direction arrows at the bottom of the scene.

The tools the player can have are:

The amount of air is reported by a progression bar at the top of the scene. The air decreases when the player walks in a new room, but decreases much more rapidly if the player:

If the player reaches the end of the labyrinth, the game shows his score, given by the remaining air, the number of bombs and the number of torches. The player can increase his score by entering into new labyrinth; but new labyrinths will be more dangerous, because the minotaur becomes more ferocious and the tools will be lesser.

To decide to continue will be wise only if the player has gathered a big amount of surviving tools.

Currently Internet Explorer does not support the sound effects.

last revision: August 2015