Extended Latin keyboard for HTML

(by R. Bigoni)



This application can be useful when you must enter in the source of an HTML page a short text containing non-standard Latin characters common in the writing of many European languages in which different letters, to represent the characteristic sounds, are accompanied by complementary diacritics, such as accents in Italian and French, umlauts in German and other signs in Scandinavian, Slavic or Finnish languages. You can also enter some Old English characters.


A click on the button with a yellow background allows you to switch between the upper case U or lower case l representation of the alphabetic characters and vice versa.
For non-alphabetic characters such as punctuation or parentheses, switching from U to l involves replacing the character represented on the key with an associated character according to the following scheme.

U l

Numeric characters are single, independent of U or l.

To compose the text, proceed as follows:

Once the text has been composed, by clicking the copy button the code is transferred to the clipboard from which the code, with the paste operation, can then be transferred to the HTML page you are composing.


last revision: November 2020