Cities of the World
(R. Bigoni)


This application provides the geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the most important cities in the world and the calculation of their distances. The data are taken from the site Geonames.

How to use
The search can be done:
  • by writing some initial letters;
  • by writing some final letters;
  • by writing some middle letters;
  • by exact match.
Fill in one or both the input fields, click on the button labeled search and wait for the response from the server that generates a table with the names of the cities matching your search criteria.
Within this table, if you click on the name of a city, you'll get a V3 Google Map. A double click on a point on the map moves the point to the center and you can see the geographical coordinates of this point, that is indicated by a marker.
If you want know the distance as the crow flies between two places, click on the button labeled From of the first place and then on the button labeled To of the second place.

The database is not intended for professional use and may contain inaccuracies. We accept no responsibility for inconveniences or damages arising from its use.

Last Updated: March 2021